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  Flexiscreen.com is your portal into the world of flexiscreen e-readers and state of the art e-ink devices, taking a quirky look at the future of handheld media.

Plastic Logic

Plastic Logic is set to take the e-reader market by storm in 2009 as it unveils the first e-ink device large enough to accommodate the magazine and newspaper format.

Not only that, it's bendy, just as a flexiscreen ought to be...

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The Readius Flexiscreen

FThe Readius weighs just 115 grams and has enough power for 30 hours of reading. Not only that, it's a phone, too. Due to hit the market in 2009, this could give the flexicreen business the push it needs to go mainstream.


Flexible OLED screens

Flexible OLED screens will be everywhere in a few years. To the left you can see Sony's latest effort, a bendable 0.3cm flexiscreen which
will mean we might one day see football shirts with digital advertisements playing across them.


Vicousitic Flexiscreen

Vicoustic's Flexiscreen is the trick for the singer who wants to record in difficult conditions. The flexiscreen is assembled in three pieces and held in front of the microphone capturing the best of the voice while softening the other background sounds.

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Not These Kinds of Flexiscreens

Flexiscreens also refer to a kind of bug screen set up on windows in places where mozzies can really drive you nuts. if you're looking for these kinds of flexiscreens then you're on the wrong site.


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